PHOTOS: Nordwind launches new Skopje service


Russia’s Nordwind Airlines introduced flights between St Petersburg and Skopje this week, linking the two cities for the first time with a nonstop air service. “St Petersburg is the second destination in Russia that Nordwind has introduced from Skopje Airport, following Moscow, which was launched in June this year. The new air connection to St Peterburg has been established for the first time in the history of Macedonian airports. We are very happy for Nordwind’s interest in developing air travel between North Macedonia and the Russian Federation”, Metin Batak, the General Manager of airport operator TAV Macedonia, said. Services between St Petersburg and Skopje will run once per week. Nordwind Airlines recently applied and received permits from Russian authorities to introduce flights between Mineralnye Vody and Skopje. The service is yet to be scheduled.


  1. Amazing connection.

    Is this Embraer or A320?

  2. Anonymous16:37

    Nice to see more and more Russian routes opening up from SKP. Pre-covid there were none.

  3. Observer19:01

    TAV is shall a terrible brand. I mean they invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their airport ventures, why can't they invest a thousand on a decent brand. I am sure someone in Fiverr will do it for even less.

    Horrible branding.

  4. Anonymous20:08

    Extremely good news for Macedonia.
    Would never have expected this route.

  5. Anonymous04:13

    Good job SKP and TAV, any new route is good and hope it will stay for a long time.
    only ting that I don't understand is why TAV, SKP, Macedonian government and who-ever else is in charge never try to bring somebody like Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, British...., They all fly to all the other cities in EX-YU except Skopje, and Macedonia is probably the country with worst connecting options. Yes there is OS for Lufthansa, but not too many options from Vienna, like Australia with the biggest Macedonian diaspora, or maybe Detroit-Michigan with the biggest Macedonian community in USA, or maybe Ohio and Indiana, with big number of Macedonians and Albanians. And there is nobody else for KLM, AF, BA. and the demand is there for sure. I know many people flying to or from alternative airports because of very bad connecting options. If TAV or whoever try to bring any of this airlines at least twice per week for start will be good for everybody.
    It is good that SKP is getting new routes, but unfortunately is missing the main routes.
    And yes "Macedonia needs national airline for those routes" but Kosovo and Bosnia without national airlines have some of the Europe's main airlines and way better connecting options than SKP.

    1. +1 I hear you brother I live in AUS and am Macedonian. Qatar cut their service, so did flydubai. Our only options left are Turkish or Austrian, I raised this same point a few posts ago and I’m really happy that someone got the message...SKP really needs to work hard to get those airlines like AF and KL, because the diaspora are in desperate need of them. All of our neighbours have those connections, and all we have is WK, TK AND OS for diaspora connections like come on. Everyone is saying Fraport are bad since it took them 10 years to get FZ to LJU, but at least prior to that they had the most useful and vital connections AF, BA and BEG has almost all of those you mentioned. Even PRN has BA! I will be very disappointed if MK sign with TAV again!


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