Sarajevo Airport expansion advances


The construction of Sarajevo Airport’s new terminal building is progressing, with construction expected to be completed by the end of the year, after which the facility’s operational readiness will have to be trialled. The new building is spread out over four floors and 10.000 square metres. It will feature twelve check-in desks, five gates and one air bridge. It will be linked to the existing terminal to form a single functioning unit with the capacity to handle two million passengers per year. The airport has also signed a contract for a new Baggage Handling System (BHS). In the coming years, the airport plans to expand its apron, overhaul the runway, and relocate its existing oil depot.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    2021 has been a good year for SJJ and I think 2022 will be even much better.
    New terminal, new routes and tourism beginning to boom again. Well done, BiH!!

  2. Anonymous18:33

    Why are they expanding at all?

    1. Anonymous19:13

      Bcs they reached 1 million pax in 2019 which is airport's max capacity

    2. Anonymous21:08

      Or to be precise, the terminal capacity is 900.000 with pax growth every year until Covid hit. The current airport looks like a bus station, literally. It was long time overdue to do something significant. I flew this summer, it was already ridiculous, no space, 6 seats in check in area, only 2 outdated Yugoslav style cafes, no shops beside irrelevant duty free, 2-3 toilettes, it is just non-event.

    3. and still no direct flight to London

    4. Anonymous07:52

      It has been explained many times: visa regime is a key reason, but also small Bosnian diaspora there, no strong economic ties between the UK and B&H, small number of tourists from the UK visiting B&H.

    5. main transfer passengers to and from Sarajevo via Munich in past and now vienna and frankfurt were to and from London. Bosnian diaspora is not small in UK at all.

    6. Anonymous04:39

      There are a lot of Bosnian citizens in the UK. Not just in London but Coventry, Birmingham, Derby, Manchester, Leicester, Oxford have large numbers also!


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