Split eyes Croatia’s busiest airport title in 2021


Split Airport believes it will overtake Zagreb to become Croatia’s busiest this year based on the number of passengers handled. The coastal airport is currently number one, as is usually the case following the summer season, however, Zagreb has so far always retaken its prime position in the final quarter. However, Split Airport’s General Manager, Lukša Novak, believes it will be unable to do so this year. “It is realistic to expect that for the first time we will end the year as the busiest airport in Croatia. We hope it won’t be the last although it is logical that Zagreb Airport and Zagreb itself as Croatia’s capital city, which have more traffic in “normal” years, will have more passengers and more potential”, Mr Novak said. He added, “Split Airport is extremely seasonal. Even prior to the pandemic we had the most traffic during the summer months, not just in Croatia but further afield as well. However, at the start and the end of the year, figures would be much lower. It will be very difficult to change this trend because it doesn’t depend solely on us as an airport”. During the January - August period, Split Airport handled 1.034.527 passengers, while Zagreb welcomed 686.688 travellers through its doors.


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    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous16:40

    How many passengers will Croatia have altogether this year?

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      In a parallel universe


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