Air Montenegro joins ERA


Air Montenegro has joined the European Regions Airline Association (ERA). Counting over 55 carriers, ERA works on behalf of its partners to represent their interests before Europe’s major regulatory bodies, governments and legislators to encourage and develop long-term and sustainable growth for the sector and industry. The association has been a strong voice for its members during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Air Montenegro is Cthe third carrier from the former Yugoslavia to be a part of ERA, with the other two being Croatia Airlines and Trade Air. “As the newly established Montenegrin national airline, we are very happy to be part of ERA. Membership in this association will help us introduce ourselves to other regional airlines of Europe, exchange experiences, follow the latest trends in the industry, discuss challenges, and many other things that companies of a similar profile to ours are regularly faced with. In this way, we will be able to gain the knowledge that will help us improve our way of doing business and also help other airlines with our experience”, Air Montenegro’s CEO, Predrag Todorović, said.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  2. Anonymous13:35

    Any idea on them painting their planes? Do they have any plans for that?

    1. Anonymous13:49

      They said a few weeks ago here that they will do it soon

    2. Anonymous18:58

      Mne usig German Airways IATA code (ZQ)?

    3. Anonymous09:00

      That won't happen anytime soon. MGX filed charges/complaint to court against AirMontengro for the use of intellectual property - logo, because it is similar to the one they use.


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