Croatia Airlines to maintain A320 operations throughout winter


Croatia Airlines plans to utilise all aircraft types in its fleet throughout the upcoming winter season which runs between October 31 and March 26. The airline stored its two A320 aircraft, the largest in its fleet, for the majority of last winter. One was used on occasion only in December 2020 and early January before storage until April, while the other was deployed on a single rotation this January and was returned to the fleet only in June. This winter, the 174-seat aircraft will be deployed on 7.7% of all flights, the A319 on 34.4% and the Dash 8 turboprops on the remaining 57.9% of all flights within the company’s network. In November, the A320 jets are scheduled to operate domestic flights between Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, as well as between Zagreb and Paris. In December, they will also be featured on select Frankfurt and Amsterdam services, while in January and February they have only been scheduled on domestic flights. Next March, the jets are to be deployed on domestic services as well as flights from Zagreb to London Heathrow, Paris and Amsterdam. Changes remain possible.


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  2. Anonymous13:35

    That's very low utilization for those two planes.

    1. Q400s are more profitabile, this is a good move.

  3. Anonymous20:28

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous19:33

    They should use the A320 for flights to Dubai or Doha as Emirates and Qatar have either suspended or lowered the frequency

  5. Anonymous18:57

    OU updated its winter time table; OU will fly:
    ZAG-MUC 5x per week
    ZAG-VIE 3x per week


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