Eurowings delays new Zagreb route launch


Low cost carrier Eurowings has postponed the launch of its new one weekly service between Prague and Zagreb by over a month. Flights will now commence on December 16 instead of the initially planned November 6. The service will run twice per week for the Christmas and New Year holidays, until January 15, before being reduced to one weekly rotation. Flights are currently only scheduled until the start of the 2022 summer season in late March.


  1. Anonymous13:37

    What's the point of a one weekly flight? Just shows that A320 is too big. Q400 is ideal but it's OU so...forget it.

    1. Anonymous22:37

      Doesn't OU fly to Prague over the summer? If it's not year round then there is probably not any demand during winter

    2. Anonymous22:40

      They used to fly it until corona. They terminated it since then.

  2. Anonymous22:36

    LH also reduced FRA ZAG to 11 in November.


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