FlyArystan eyes Podgorica service


FlyArystan, the low cost subsidiary of Air Astana, is considering introducing flights from Kazakhstan to the Montenegrin capital next year to complement its parent company’s seasonal operations from Almaty and Nur-Sultan. The General Manager of operator Airports of Montenegro, Goran Jandreoski, said, “Air Astana’s flights were important to us, taking into consideration the airline does not have too many services to Europe. It was our privilege to welcome Kazakhstani tourists throughout the summer. There are announcements from the Caucasus region, from an airport in Kazakhstan, for flights to be established to Podgorica, as the third destination from the country, which would be operated by Air Astana’s low cost carrier”. Mr Jandreoski did not specify the airport in question, however, in addition to Almaty and Nur-Sultan, FlyArystan has bases in Aktau, Atyrau, Karaganda and Shymkent. The airline operates a fleet of nine Airbus A320 and one A320neo aircraft.


  1. Anonymous16:07

    I know that it gets boring to say it again and again-
    But flying to Belgrade would make much more sense for any Kazakh airline.
    Still wish them good luck with Montenegro..

    1. Anonymous16:15


    2. Anonymous16:17

      Many reason, i agree with him

    3. Anonymous16:24

      ^ MNE obviously reintroduced visas for Kazakh citizen.

    4. Anonymous16:39

      It's just seasonal flights.

    5. Anonymous01:36

      And why is it always about BEG and not MNE or even LJU? Clearly, Kazakhs are looking for a sea destination. If they wanted to visit the Danube then BEG would have been an option. For the time being, BEG is popular amongst Indians, Chinese and Russians.

    6. Anonymous03:16

      Kazakhs visit where theres no visa regime.
      At the moment only Serbia allows visa free entry for Kazakh passport holders.
      With Indians, Chinese and Russians its just the same.

  2. Anonymous17:10

    Just a tip, Astana and Nur-Sultan are the same city; so, that might need to be changed

    1. Nekadašnja Alma Ata, pa posle Almaty= Nur Sultan, Astana je totalno drugi grad

    2. Anonymous08:14

      Ne, Astana je postala Nursultan.

    3. Anonymous21:02

      Yes there are likely many reasons to fly to BEG but why has that something to do with Mne? With every new flight to TGD you can say its better to fly to BEG which is obvious since it serves a country of 8 mil. and not just 650k. Lets just be happy for every new line no matter what airport/country, we all need it badly to recover the airline industry and countries economy.


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