Nordwind expresses Sarajevo flight interest


Nordwind Airlines and its sister carrier Pegas Fly have received permits from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency to launch services to Sarajevo. The two must now seek approval from authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to launch operations and are not obliged to commence the flights if they choose not to do so, despite seeking approval from the Russian regulator. Nordwind Airlines has received a permit to introduce flights from St Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don to Sarajevo. In addition, Pegas Fly has been granted approval to commence operations from Ufa, Perm and Yekaterinburg to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. Russian regulations state local airlines must first ask for approval from the Federal Air Transport Agency before seeking a permit from the destination country. This year, Nordwind has commenced operations to Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje.


  1. Anonymous15:09

    Would be a great addition!

  2. Anonymous17:49

    It is time for Sarajevo to connect with Eastern Europe

  3. My latest experience with them is terrible…huge network without proper flight from Zagreb was delayed for almost 8hours…huge network with poor resources and planning

    1. Anonymous20:16

      They seem to have quite negative reviews:

      Seems like the old-time classic Eastern European/Balkan carriers.


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