Nordwind scraps Rostov – Belgrade service


Russia’s Nordwind Airlines has terminated operations between Rostov-on-Don and Belgrade after just three rotations. The flights, which were to run once per week, were only maintained on September 16, 23 and September 30, after which they were halted. Air Serbia links the two cities with a two weekly service. Nordwind maintains operations from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport and St Petersburg to the Serbian capital.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Expected, this route never made sense.

  2. Wrong timing. And two weekly rotations by Air Serbia is obviously enough.

  3. Anonymous15:15

    This is just the beginning, unfortunately

    1. Anonymous15:53

      Same as BA in Zagreb I guess.

    2. Anonymous16:16

      Beggining of what?

    3. Anonymous18:00

      Of the Corona rampage.
      More of half of the Serbian population and even 2/3 of the Russians are not vaccinated.
      People will have to learn it the hard way.

    4. Anonymous18:03

      ^Aeroflot A321 arrived with 100% LF in Belgrade yesterday. Try again.

    5. Vlad18:21

      Russians are coming to Serbia in huge numbers to get vaccinated with a Western vaccine so they can travel to the EU and the US (from November onwards). There's even an article about it on AP. The LF will be strong for a few months for sure - very useful for the normally dismal November.

    6. Anonymous18:24

      Do they have to pay for this vacvination?

    7. Anonymous18:27

      No. All foreigners can get vaccinated for free. Registration is done by the hotel or local Serbian tour operator since they have access to regstration platform for foreigners, which was lainched in August. In practice though you can turn up to any vaccination site including Belgrade shopping centres and get the vaccine and certificate.

    8. Anonymous18:33

      Thanks for the answer. Is a Serbian vaccination certificate recognised in the EU?

      I do not see many Russions travelling to the EU, because of restrictions on non-essential travel that still apply in most EU countries.

    9. Anonymous18:38

      It's accepted in EU depending on which vaccine you got and if that country accepts that one. In any case you can now get a Swiss vaccination certificate if you are vaccinated in Serbia go for a visit there. You just have to register online.

    10. Anonymous18:48

      Travelling in todays world is very cumbersome. Visas, restrictions on non-essential travel, passenger locator forms, quarantines...

    11. Anonymous19:05

      Vlad -

      US-Russia tensions resulted in reduction of staff in their respective embassies. Due to that the US embassy in Moscow no longer issues visas to Russian citizens. Instead, this is done at the US embassy in Warsaw, Poland. So a Russian citizen willing to get a new US visa has to get Schengen visa first and travel to Warsaw to get a US visa there. I do not know what type of restrictions on non-essential travel would apply to his entry into Poland. Crazy, but gives a taste what travelling means today.

    12. Anonymous20:46

      Almost all EU member states recognize Serbian vaccination certificate, you can find the list on the Serbian ministry of foreign affair's website.

  4. Anonymous17:24

    I have a feeling this destination won't work. There is already a large supply to Russia from Serbia. Important cities are already covered and SU has a very developed domestic coverage...

  5. Anonymous17:38

    Well, knowing Nordwind reputation I am not so surprised


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