Turkish restores pre-pandemic loads on Podgorica route


Turkish Airlines has seen its passenger numbers between Istanbul and Podgorica return to almost the same levels as prior to the pandemic. During the first half of this year, Turkish Airlines welcomed 51.063 passengers between the two cities, just 9% down from the same period in 2019. This is despite the carrier operating fewer flights on the route compared to two years ago. During the first half of the year, Turkish Airlines’ average cabin load factor on its Podgorica flights (return service included), totalled 74.9%, considered extremely high in the pandemic era. The carrier used a range of equipment on the route, with the B737 utilised 68.2% of the time, followed by the Airbus A321, deployed 26.6% of the time. The A320 and A319 were also used.


  1. Anonymous15:07

    Congrats to TK. 75% average LF over six months which were impacted heavily by corona is absolutely fantastic.


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