Wizz Air seeking new crew members for EX-YU bases


Wizz Air will be holding a number of cabin crew recruitment events at its bases in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje and Tuzla throughout November and December. The open days in Belgrade will take place on November 4 and 16, as well as December 2 and 13 at the Jump Inn Hotel at 09.00 sharp. In Sarajevo, interested candidates are requested to attend the open day at Hotel Holiday on November 11 and 17, as well as December 2, 6 and 17 at 09.00. Those in Skopje should attend the recruitment drive at Hotel Tim’s Apartments on November 12, 19 or December 13, also at 09.00. Finally, Tuzla applicants should head to the Golden Star Hotel on November 18 or December 7 at 09.00. Interested applicants must be at least eighteen years old, have a minimum high school diploma and be fluent in English and another southeast European language. Those attending the open day must bring with them an updated English CV, preferably two photos (face and full body), as well as references. As this is an open recruitment event, no prior registration is required. During the event, applicants can expect a company presentation, short personal introduction, situational roleplay, team play and an interview.

The move coincides with the budget carrier’s largest recruitment drive for pilots and cabin crew. Wizz Air plans to hire 200 pilots and 800 cabin crew in the coming months as it continues to ramp up operations across its network. The airline said it was committed to creating thousands more jobs over there next decade, as it plans to triple the size of its fleet to 500 Airbus aircraft. An average of 2.000 new recruits will be taken on each year until 2030.


  1. You have to be mad to get into or back to Wizz after they fired all those pilots in 2020. Speak whatever you want, but RYR didn’t let go a single pilot.

    1. Anonymous16:32

      True, Wizz is a bottom feeder.

    2. https://youtu.be/uIH03EI9dbU All you need to know about them to make an informed choice

  2. I m interested to work but no one is responding

  3. Anonymous17:01

    Oh yes come work for the shithole airline with a shithole salary! It'll be great! Oh and you'll be overworked and full of fear culture withing 12 months!


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