Air Dolomiti assessed Ljubljana opportunities


Italian regional carrier Air Dolomiti, which is part of the Lufthansa Group, has confirmed that it expressed interest in serving Ljubljana Airport. “In the past we had contacts with the airport to see if cooperation was possible. Air Dolomiti is always seeking new partners and is open to assessing new possibilities”, the airline said. It added, “However, we have not make any concrete plans or signed any agreements. We had a meeting to see and assess opportunities for both parties”. Air Dolomiti operates a network of routes from several Italian destinations to and from Munich and Frankfurt. It boasts a fleet of fifteen Embraer jets. The Slovenian Ministry for Economic Development and Technology has turned down several proposals by airlines to either establish the country’s new national carrier or station aircraft in Ljubljana. Apart from Air Dolomiti, talks were held with Wizz Air, Slovenian cargo airline Solinair and the French Valljet. Last year, Ljubljana Airport said it was in talks with a major regional carrier to base aircraft in the Slovenian capital and launch several routes.


  1. this carrier would be perfect, name is ok, size of aircrafts and the destinations??!!

  2. Anonymous16:11

    Good. For LJU and Slovenia, not so exotic name :-D

  3. Anonymous16:18

    Is this going to happen or what?

    1. Anonymous16:19

      Obviously not. The text says they were interested (past tense). Government obviously wasn't

    2. Anonymous16:23

      It is obvious that gov. does not want to improve air connectivity in Slovenia. So no, it will never happen.

    3. Anonymous18:15

      Did you read the post? It is not about Air Dolomiti and the Slovenian Government: “In the past we had contacts with the airport to see if cooperation was possible.” So, the contacts they had were with the airport, at least according to official Air Dolomiti statement.

    4. Anonymous07:44

      Yes, but if they won't have gov. support they will fly like 6 routes wich are profitable and operate 1 or maybe 2 aircrafts out of Lju. Anyone opening the base here needs gov support and they will ofc decline it.

  4. I love AirDolomiti.... I always has enjoy flying with them...hope it will cone to Lj...

  5. Anonymous21:45

    if they wish to open a base here or setup rotation to Ljubljana they do not need government support. They only need to sign a contract with handling agent fuel supplyer and that's it.


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