Eurowings plans Spain flights from Pristina


Low cost carrier Eurowings intends on introducing flights between Pristina and Madrid according to Spanish media. The flights are expected to commence in February of next year and would mark the first time the two have been linked with a scheduled nonstop air service. Eurowings recently launched flights Pristina and Zurich and will add services from Stockholm next April.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Won't happen, demand is just not there. They failed in much larger and cheaper markets

  2. Anonymous11:42

    No way this can work.
    Very small diaspora in Madrid and around, cold winter time.

  3. Anonymous12:08

    Why only diaspora, lot of people wants to travel there for vacation or holidays, the only issue at this moment is visa problem, when we (Kosovo pasport) a shengen visa we can't enter Spain.
    If that obstacle is removed there will be a lot of people visiting Spain.

  4. Anonymous13:54


    1. Anonymous14:12

      Why :(

    2. Anonymous15:17

      Because it's EW and not even SKP has these flights and they are not as gasto heavy as PRN.
      PRN only did well this year because of ZRH flights. Take those away and the airport has not more than 600.000 passengers.

    3. Anonymous15:28

      Who cares that SKP doesn't have these flights? SKP is as gasto as it gets.

    4. Anonymous18:23

      I can say that the majority of SKP flights are possible and flown by Kosovo diaspora, and including MKD diaspora to, and im saying this due the fact that i have been on all north and north west flights from SKP flown by wizz air, and many times on same routes. And yes a flight to Spain from Kosovo will work very well if the visa issue is settled

  5. Anonymous16:39

    I wonder if the EW management lives in another world. They have failed in larger and safer markets. Maybe it's something else ... who knows:-( Expected flights between ANC&PRN.(mob flts,like MAD-PRN)��

  6. Anonymous16:56

    PRN haters are in full swing today

  7. I think BCN would be a better choiche..

  8. Anonymous14:17

    It would make more sense to schedule EW flights from Croatia or Serbia to Spain tbh. Lol why Prishtina


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