Eurowings to launch new Pristina service


Eurowings will commence flights from Pristina to Zurich this week, entering a crowded market. The low cost airline will operate a one weekly service between the two cities, each Sunday, starting November 14. Switzerland is Pristina’s largest country market, with Chair Airlines, Edelweiss Air and Helvetic Airways maintaining services from Zurich. Pristina Airport has been more resilient than most others in Europe to the Covid-19 downturn as it depends on a high volume of diaspora traffic who are based in the European Union, and, in turn, are permitted to enter both their country of residence, as well as their homeland. The airport is outperforming its pre-Covid results. Further flight details for the new Zurich – Pristina service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous11:00

    Apparently, the union of the cabin personnel of Swiss is not very happy that a Lufthansa Low cost carrier is starting flights from and to Switzerland.
    In this context, they are also asking the federal government to investigate if this is in line with the state aid, the federation provided to Swiss (and indirectly Lufthansa as a parent company) during the Pandemic.

  2. PRN October 2021 figures:
    195,692 pax
    Up 25% compared to 2020
    Up 4% compared to 2019

    PRN January-October 2021 figures:
    1,818,857 pax
    Up 106% compared to 2020
    Down 1.4% compared to 2019

    A few observations:
    1. Unless something dramatic happens, PRN is expected to hit 2 million pax in 2021.
    2. Depending on how December 2021 goes, this could be the best year ever for PRN.
    3. The much maligned independent travel agents (famiglia agencies or whatever people call them on this site) have really done wonders for PRN this year. Where airlines have been reluctant to resume flights or open new routes they have stepped in and brought it significant passenger numbers. They don't get much coverage, if any, but they have opened routes to places like Lyon, Turku, Stockholm with flights operated by Trade Air and GP Aviation and they have done very well.

    1. Anonymous13:22

      These numbers are very promising that PRN will hit 2 million this year taking into account the visa requirements that are still in place and Covid-19 restrictions.

    2. Anonymous18:33

      So this means that the difference between PRN and BEG is not big and PRN becoming the second busiest airport in ex-Yu....


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