Ljubljana Airport opens solar power plant


The Slovenian energy service provider Resalta has built a 500 kW photovoltaic powerplant on the rooftop of Ljubljana Airport’s main car park building. The power plant, with 1.347 photovoltaic modules, will now generate 530 MWh of electricity per year from renewable sources for direct on-site consumption at Jože Pučnik Airport. This will provide 7% of the airport’s electricity consumption, improving its sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions by 200 tons each year. The project was valued at 350.000 euros. “Building a sustainable future requires the sustainable management of current infrastructure. We must manage this infrastructure in a way that allows it to remain functional, cost effective, safe and energy efficient in the future. Modern solar power systems have great potential for the transformation of society to a more sustainable model, and so, the decision to introduce one was relatively easy, not only in terms of cost effectiveness, but also concerning the active reduction of CO2 emissions”, Zmago Skobir, advisor to the management board and procurator at Fraport Slovenija, said. He added, “With careful and systematic management of all the environmental aspects of our operations and activities, we also seek to reduce these emissions through state-of-the-art and environmentally efficient heating systems, and the electrification of our vehicle fleet”.


  1. Lju keeps on wining

    1. Anonymous14:33

      They just can't stop

    2. Anonymous14:42

      "LJU keeps on winning" joke of the week!

  2. Anonymous14:46

    Next step: Nuclear power station on main apron

  3. Great example and simple to follow.

  4. Anonymous17:27

    Finally something useful at this dead airport.

  5. Anonymous21:23

    Wow, the apron looks super busy. One aircraft in storage. Bravo, LJU.

  6. Anonymous23:54

    The Fraport logo present across the Balkana: from Slovenija to Bulgaria and all the way to Greece....

  7. Anonymous22:15

    Airports are a large consumer of electricity. They are positioned in the fields with clear line to the sun. Because of this solar panels are a great idea to reduce operating cost and do good for the environment.

    Great call of the Babett Stapel.

    I only wonder why did they decide to cover only half of the roof?


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