Luxair revises Belgrade winter operations


Luxembourg’s national carrier Luxair will reduce its planned operations between the Grand Duchy and Belgrade during the winter season. Following a fifty-day hiatus, the carrier will restore services to the Serbian capital as planned on December 17 with two weekly flights. However, the airline will then again put the breaks on the service from January 9 until February 3, after which the two weekly flights will be restored once again. Luxair will maintain all services with its Dash 8 Q400 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous14:06

    Whats up with airlines cutting lines for a few days/weeks only to restore them again?

    I noticed wizz air also suspended INI VIE for two weeks and is due to restore them again on te 17th od December? Meanwhile Ryanair keeps flying.

    1. Anonymous14:08

      Because there is an increase in demand from diaspora from middle of December because of Christmas and New Year.


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