PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport intensifies construction work


Work on the multi million euro redevelopment of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has intensified, with extensive reconstruction of the area in front of the terminal building now taking place, which includes the modernisation of access roads, parking lots and the extension of the terminal to make place for centralised check-in and security procedures. The entrance to the airport building is now only available through Terminal 1, as the complete section in front of Terminal 2 is closed for traffic. Airside work will take place in phases, with its completion expected towards the end of next year. Construction is ongoing at other parts of the airport site including the addition of a new floor on top of the terminal building, reconstruction of departure gates, construction of a new de-icing platform, construction of a new runway and a new control tower.

Curbside work and expansion of terminal building

Departure gate expansion

Control tower

De-icing platform


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Looks spiffing

  2. Anonymous10:57

    Still no news on when the extension will be opened? I believe in the regenerative potential of the Serbian market.

  3. Anonymous10:58

    Things are moving slowly.

    On the good news side, they re-opened the official taxi stand again after being closed for almost 2 years. Now passengers don't have to worry about getting ripped off by those aggressive "taxi mafia" guys that come up to arriving passengers.

    1. Anonymous17:07

      Then go there and speed up the works.

    2. Anonymous17:08

      Taxi stand was closed last year not 2 years ago and work is actually moving quite quickly.

    3. Anonymous06:04

      Actually I am really surprised how fast they are building the new part with the checkins and all that. Then again why shouldn't they? So far 2022 seems promising.

  4. Anonymous12:25

    I wonder how much of it will be ready by next summer.

  5. Anonymous13:47

    Unfortunate that they do not plan to have an open observation deck and it looks like they will omit the bi- lingual (English - Cyrillic) signage on the building.

  6. Anonymous14:43

    Detour due to passenger terminal roadway construction is mentioned to last for two years until Nov 2023. New central terminal (processor as they call it) obviously won't be ready until at least 2024 but at least construction is taking place on the portion of central terminal site.

    On some released airport renders a glass-like cube structure can be seen at the top floor at the corner close to A1 and C1 gates. Could this be some sort of an observation gallery?

  7. It would be nice if they agree development of one hotel and connect it to the international area of the terminal.


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