Ryanair to add new Italy - Zadar routes


Ryanair continues to expand its list of destinations from Zadar this coming summer season, with the low cost airline announcing two new routes from the Croatian coastal city to Italy. Starting March 27, Ryanair will commence a two weekly service to Rome Fiumicino Airport, replacing its existing Rome Ciampino service. On March 30, two weekly flights from Zadar to Pisa will be inaugurated. All services are seasonal. With the addition of the two Italian cities, so far Ryanair has scheduled the launch of eight new routes from Zadar next summer. However, the airline is also expected to shortly announce operations from Bordeaux as well. During the 2021 summer season, the low cost airline was by far the biggest in Zadar, operating 60.7% of all flights, compared to second placed Croatia Airlines with a 16.3% share. Furthermore, the budget carrier held a 70.9% share of all capacity in and out of the city.

Destination Launch date
Rome Fiumicino 27.03.2022
Newcastle 27.03.2022
Stockholm 27.03.2022
Turin 28.03.2022
Nuremberg 29.03.2022
Bournemouth 29.03.2022
Birmingham 30.03.2022
Pisa 30.03.2022
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  1. Anonymous13:35

    Bravo Zadar!

  2. Anonymous13:38

    Yesterday I saw a flight that landed in Pristina?
    Maybe Ryanair has an interest in flying there!
    Also thank you Ryanair.Soon they will have 50 destinations from Zadar!

    1. Anonymous13:54

      It just flew Poland's women football team for a match there

    2. To Zadar? How did I miss that!

    3. Anonymous17:18

      No, to PRN

  3. Hate it or love it but RA is doing it. After a few years hiatus Pisa is back. Let's hope for the Baltics, too.

  4. Anonymous20:45

    FR looks like needing 3 planes next year in ZAD

  5. Anonymous08:21

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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