SunExpress to launch new Skopje service


Turkish carrier SunExpress will launch a new seasonal service between Izmir and Skopje next summer. Flights will commence on June 19 and operate once per week, each Sunday, until September 18, with the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Tickets are available for purchase through the airline’s website. SunExpress already maintains seasonal operations from Antalya to the Macedonian capital. Further details for the new Izmir - Skopje service can be found here.


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    1. Anonymous10:59

      They terminated Ljubljana this year after a couple of flights.

    2. Anonymous11:20

      We could see them back in the peak season, as last year was impacted by the covid restrictions in slo

  2. Anonymous11:27

    Nice that tickets can also be booked online and not just through tour operators.

  3. Anonymous11:49

    Absolutely horrendous departure times.

    1. Anonymous12:11

      Pretty much all Turkish operators are doing that for the flights to Antalya. The reason I think is that you're getting "extra day" by arriving very early in the morning and depart late the next day after checkout, so you pay for 6 nights for example but you can enjoy a day more in some way :). Beside that, maybe is cheaper for the tour operators to get a flight at that time compared to a "normal" departure/arrival time.


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