American Airlines cuts Dubrovnik in schedule overhaul


American Airlines has confirmed it will not be resuming flights between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik during the 2022 summer season. The carrier, which successfully maintained the route during the summer of 2019, was to return the following year with additional flights and capacity but shelved those plans as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Two US carriers, Delta and United, have since commenced seasonal operations to the Croatian coastal city, although only the latter has so far confirmed its return in 2022. In addition to Dubrovnik, American won’t be brining back its seasonal flights to Prague either and has discontinued operations to Edinburgh, Shannon and Hong Kong. On the other hand, it will introduce a new service from New York to Doha, Qatar. "Boeing continues to be unable to deliver the 787s we have on order, including as many as thirteen aircraft that were slated to be in our fleet by this winter. Without these widebodies, we simply won’t be able to fly as much internationally as we had planned next summer or as we did in summer 2019", American’s Chief Revenue Officer, Vasu Raja, said.


  1. Anonymous10:44

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    1. You have choice, right? KLM? BA? IB? TK?

  2. I guess DBV will have to be satisfied with just UA for now. I was really hoping that UA would switch to ZAG and DL remain in DBV. However, the fact that AC cancelled planned flights for ZAG this summer too, tells us how very unpredictable and far away from normal air travel still is.

  3. nothing new, we knew that, their strategy focus is domestic market and south and central america ( for now )....

  4. JU520 BEGLAX22:01

    Once those 787 are all with AA, we will back in beautiful DBV


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