China’s XiamenAir plans one-off Belgrade service


China’s XiamenAir will operate a one-off service from Xiamen Airport in southeastern China to Belgrade on December 29. The airline will deploy its 290-seat Boeing 787-9 aircraft on the route, which is scheduled to depart Xiamen at 16.00 local time on Wednesday and arrive at 21.30 local time the same day. The eleven-hour journey back is scheduled to depart the Serbian capital on Thursday at 16.30 and arrive in Xiamen the following day.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    Yes bro, why do they visit ?
    Corona or charter flight ?

  2. Anonymous10:49

    (OT) What i found interesting is familiar EvenGreen logo from a ship (that blocked Suez) on a building.

    1. Anonymous11:12

      Well, Evergreen is a huge logistics company. They utilize ships as well as planes, trucks and trains. Also they own the civilian airline Eva Air.

    2. Anonymous12:49

      A logistics company operates a warehouse at an airport. Yes, highly suspicious.

  3. Anonymous11:10

    Nice. I flew with them on AMS-XMN-NRT and back, a few years ago. It was a very pleasant experience. Especially loved the crew and their uniforms, very elegant.


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