Croatia PSO tender draws to a close


The tendering process for twelve domestic Public Service Obligation (PSO) routes within Croatia will come to a close tomorrow. The contracts will run from May 1, 2022 until March 28, 2026. The previous contracts were awarded to Croatia Airlines and Trade Air, both of which are widely tipped to be selected again. However, over the past year, European PSOs have seen increased interest from carriers across the continent amid the coronavirus pandemic as they provide much needed revenue. The routes which will be compensated and maintained as PSO are: Dubrovnik - Zagreb – Dubrovnik, Split - Zagreb - Split, Zagreb - Zadar - Pula - Zadar - Zagreb, Zagreb - Brač - Zagreb, Osijek - Dubrovnik - Osijek, Osijek - Split - Osijek, Osijek - Zagreb - Osijek, Rijeka - Split - Dubrovnik - Split - Rijeka, Osijek - Pula - Split - Pula - Osijek, Rijeka - Zadar - Rijeka and Osijek - Zadar - Osijek. Compared to the previous four-year period, new additions include flights from Osijek and Rijeka to Zadar.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Just another way to pump money into OU. Wonder why FR did not apply.

    1. Anonymous13:34

      Who said they didn't?

    2. Anonymous14:45

      There's no need for Fr. 737 is way too big for this flights. So OU and trade air are the best. As well as FR has p2p pax while with croatia you can fly from osijek to bassicly all over europe wiith transfers.

      At FR you don't have this option.

    3. Anonymous08:42

      And that is why OU operates its A319/320 from ZAG to DBV and SPU? ;)

      This is just another way to keep this dinosaur alive.

  2. Anonymous03:54

    When is outcome to be announced?


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