ITA shelves Belgrade launch plans


The newly established Italian national carrier, ITA Airways, has dropped plans to introduce flights between Rome and Belgrade next August. It comes after the carrier concluded a codeshare agreement with Air Serbia, which plans to restore pre-pandemic traffic levels to the Italian capital by June of next year. In addition, Wizz Air has announced the launch of flights between Serbia’s and Italy’s largest cities from June 2, 2022.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    Bravo JU!

  2. Anonymous10:44

    Interestingly, Rome similar to Brussels is not a destination with generally high demand from/to Belgrade such as Moscow or Istanbul for example.
    Wizzair also failed with Rome in the past if I ain't mistaken.

    1. Anonymous10:45

      Not really true as it was served twice daily prior to pandemic.

    2. Anonymous10:57

      Italy has massive demand from BEG, Rome as such not enough to sustain three carriers. This time around Wizz Air is much stronger in Italy. They have 5 A321neo stationed in FCO so Italians are more familiar with their product. Also last time they had horrible timetable with arrival to BEG at 00.25.

      Also JU has the upper hand on the BEG-Italy market since they fly to FCO, VCE and MXP.

      For BEG, they still need flights to Bologna and Naples and then all primary markets are covered. Hopefully JU launches them because of transfers.

    3. Vlad14:38

      Not sure if it makes sense for them to fly to Bologna when they already have MXP and (tentatively) VCE in their network. Northern Italy is covered. NAP is more interesting, but it's still also just an hour away from Rome by train, so the demand is at least partially served through FCO already.

    4. Anonymous18:10

      I think we are definitely missing Catania and Bari (there are many places to go around the area) and it is quite close to the Balkans as well. The flight time should be maxium 1 hour and it's beautiful! Especially Lecce and Otranto. Brindisi is really horrible.

    5. Florence, Pisa or Bologna is missing here to cover. Florence was scheduled before the covid had arrived. Very promising route also because of the Russia connection (eastern) to this part of Italy+ for sure tourism.
      Bring back Florence and / or Bologna AirSerbia.

    6. With cabin load to/from BLQ?
      If is that like from/to INI, better NO


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