Pristina Airport handles over two million passengers


Pristina Airport has handled its two millionth passenger over the past week, reaching 91% of its pre-pandemic 2019 traffic levels. “Considering the pandemic, it is a satisfactory number of passengers and flights that we were not anticipating. In case there are no new virus-related restrictions and measures, or new variants that would impact air travel, we expect to handle some 2.5 million passengers next year”, Pristina Airport’s spokeswoman, Valentina Gara, said. Pristina Airport has seen one of the quickest recoveries in Europe this year. It ends 2021 as the second busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia for a second year in a row.


  1. Anonymous13:54

    Well done. Good result.

  2. Anonymous14:15

    So who's achieved more? SKP or PRN?

    1. Anonymous14:17

    2. Anonymous14:23

      Oh, I missed that one out. Thanks :) Wow, and I remember both airports being neck to neck. Very good, PRN!

  3. Anonymous18:42

    Pristina had double more passengers then Skopje.


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