Qatar Airways reduces Belgrade and Zagreb operations


Qatar Airways has reduced operations from its hub in Doha to both Belgrade and Zagreb. The airline has revised its frequencies from daily to five weekly to the Serbian capital, to be maintained with a mix of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. Daily operations are set to be restored from January 1, 2022, however, this is highly likely to change. On the other hand, the airline, which has been operating three weekly rotations to Zagreb so far this winter, has cancelled its fourth weekly service, which was scheduled to commence from December 19. Instead, the airline plans to run three weekly flights throughout the duration of the winter season, with exception during the week starting December 13 when four rotations are planned and the week starting January 10, 2022 when one of the three weekly flights is expected to be cancelled, which will soon be reflected in reservation systems. All services to the Croatian capital will be maintained by the A320 jet.


  1. Anonymous17:33

    International demand is decreasing. Australia and SE Asia are still too restricted. This will be the new norm in 2022. Not only QR but many other airlines are decreasing or cutting their frequencies. The start of 2022 is expected to be challenging especially with Omicron. Difficult times ahead of us....

  2. Anonymous17:37

    Australia is a dumpster... It has fallen to these moronic covid rules that are going to decimate their economy including aviation sector.

    1. Anonymous18:02

      Don't worry about Aussie economy. It's a tough cookie to crack.

    2. Anonymous00:20

      no AUS no ZAG and especially Northern Macedonia

    3. Anonymous13:06

      not looking good in australia boys omicron getting to us


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