Aegean subsidiary to commence Dubrovnik flights


Animawings, the Romanian subsidiary of Greece’s Aegean Airlines, will commence seasonal summer flights between Bucharest and Dubrovnik. Services will be inaugurated on June 18 and run once per week, each Saturday, until September 17 with the carrier’s sole aircraft, the 174-seat Airbus A320. The airline will start the flights just ten days before Romania’s Blue Air commences the same route. Further details for Animawings’ Dubrovnik operation can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:58

    Why is nobody launching OTP-LJU?

    1. Anonymous11:19

      Romania have new start up airline for regional routes. "Air Connect" -maybe soon;)
      They have plans for Varna and Tirana +romanian domestic flights.

  2. Anonymous08:45

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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