Air Serbia deploys A330 to Dubai


Air Serbia has utilised its wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft between Belgrade and Dubai on its regular charter service between the two cities last Friday due to increased demand as a result of Expo 2020. The airline, which has been operating a one weekly service between the two cities since October with its A320 family aircraft, operated two flights on the route last week, with another two scheduled for this week as well, when the wide-body is expected to be deployed once again. It comes in the lead-up to a concert by musician Goran Bregović at the main Expo stage. Air Serbia has carried over a thousand passengers on the route since the Expo event began. The charter will be maintained until the end of March. In addition, Flydubai operates a scheduled ten weekly service between the two cities.


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Air Serbia's A330 seems really unutilised if they can fly it randomly to places where it in fact isnt meant to. What a cash grave.

    1. Anonymous13:39

      How so you know it's not meant to when there is demand.

    2. Anonymous14:17

      On the contrary, the A330 is rather perfectly suited for exactly such rotations of 5+ hours and with a full payload - the aircraft is capable obviously to fly much further and for longer, but the 5-6 hour sweetspot is on the ball.

    3. Anonymous17:26

      How many pax did it carry?

    4. Anonymous20:42

      All flights to DXB during EXPO are charters, so pax is irrelevant for Air Serbia in this case.
      But I'm sure they wouldn't deploy A330 instead of A319 if it wasn't necessary.

  2. Anonymous04:32

    Dobro se neko najzad setio


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