LOT to shift Skopje operations


LOT Polish Airlines will move its Skopje operations to Ohrid during the duration of the airport’s runway overhaul. Flights to Ohrid will run from March 30 until May 17, after which services will return to the Macedonian capital. As previously reported, from March 28 until May 16, operator TAV Macedonia plans to rehabilitate the runway at Skopje Airport. During this time, the airport will be closed between 09.00 and 17.30 each day. LOT suspended its operations to Skopje in mid-January due to plummeting demand as a result of resurging coronavirus cases across the continent.


  1. Anonymous15:13

    Why don't they renovete/build runway during midnight, all bigger as well as smaller do this. Airport closes a little bit sooner but dayily operations can be unefected.

    1. Anonymous17:11

      Agree, also option dp construction in 3 shifts 24/7 and instead of 2 months be done in 3 weeks...

      Not to mention that this should've been done during the pandemic shutdown 😀


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