Pristina - Zagreb service to end after one month


Flights between Pristina and Zagreb, which were launched less than a month ago, will be discontinued at the end of January due to low demand. The service was operated by Croatia Airlines and Trade Air on behalf of the MyWings tour operator from Kosovo. According to the “Croatia Aviation” portal, operations will be shelved from February 2. Initially introduced as a three-weekly service, flights were reduced to two per week after several rotations.


  1. Anonymous13:34


    1. Of course it was expected. No service to ZAG from the Balkans and beyond can work with two or three weekly frequencies, with timings which enable no connection to less than moderate network, without decent big network which would include North American destination(s), without at least daily frequencies from regional destinations and proper waves scheduled. And I was again spit at when saying these two or three OU "new" services are drop in the ocean which can change nothing,the same as renewed fleet, if it is going to be used to continously feed others and operate nonsensical services with no purpose and high costs

    2. Anonymous14:41

      of course this failed. Remember their flights to Mostar when some connections in ZAG could not work because the flight arrive 5 (!!!) minutes late>!

    3. Anonymous17:13

      Prishtina could work just with proper timing. No need for long haul. Just proper connections.

    4. What's up with you people to look at the things particularly and only particularly? How come you don't see bigger picture? Yes, Pristina can work with proper timings only. But why are you so much against long-haul? A321 XLR could be a life saver for OU. Add to PRN Podgorica, Skopje, Sarajevo, Mostar, Beograd. Add to that Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Brac. Add to that Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Tirana, Athens, Thessaloniki. Add to that possible near/middle Eastern/Caucasus destinations with no US direct services, add to that Indian destination or two to help reduce seasonality, add to that US tourists and croatian US diaspora currently using other carriers and other one or two stop options, add to that croatian citizens currently using VCE, VIE, BUD, add to that Slovenes using the same options, and you can come to conclusion that OU not operating North American long-haul, even now, with A330 leased on flown hours bases, until A321 XLR arrives, equals VELEIZDAJI no matter what Party bots and Uhljebs are just about to spit

    5. Anonymous23:33

      I said Prishtina could work even without long haul with no problems. Just with proper connections.

    6. Anonymous23:40

      How dare you... hahahahahahaha

  2. Anonymous13:38

    Was this route subsidised?

  3. Anonymous14:04


  4. Anonymous14:16

    OU should continue this route but with better time schedule.

  5. Anonymous18:33

    So despite all the brotherly love, they still couldnt do it. Shame.

  6. Anonymous18:36

    Croatia Airlines is in the news today regarding closure of OSI and PRN routes. How long until people realize it is not about the schedule but the airline?


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