Split Airport dethrones Zagreb to become Croatia’s busiest


Split Airport has officially become Croatia’s busiest for the first time in history. It handled 1.577.584 travellers to Zagreb’s 1.404.478. As a result, Split Airport reached 47.8% of its pre-pandemic annual traffic. “We hope this won’t be the last time we are the busiest in the country, although it is logical that Zagreb Airport and Zagreb itself as Croatia’s capital city, which has more traffic in “normal” years, will have more passengers and more potential”, the General Manager of Split Airport, Lukša Novak, said. On the other hand, its counterpart in Zagreb achieved 40.1% of its pre-pandemic annual passenger traffic. However, there were encouraging signs during the last quarter of the year, with Ryanair’s base starting to make a strong impact on Zagreb’s performance and recovery. In December, Croatia’s capital city airport handled a notable 77.7% of pre-Covid traffic. During the same month, Ryanair launched seven new routes and based its third aircraft in the city.


  1. Anonymous11:47

    Impressive! Congratulations

  2. Anonymous11:54

    Next year will be same 2 years ago...maybe will be even bigger difference between Zagreb and Split...

  3. JU520 BEGLAX19:24

    Bravo Dalmacija !!!!!


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