Turkish Airlines to add third daily Belgrade service


Turkish Airlines will introduce a third daily service between Istanbul’s main airport and Belgrade this coming summer season. The carrier will commence a new afternoon rotation from March 27, complementing its morning and evening departures. Flights will leave Turkey’s largest city at 13.55, arriving in Belgrade at 14.35, with the return journey scheduled for 15.25 with touchdown at Istanbul planned for 18.10. Turkish Airlines also codeshares on Air Serbia’s daily flights between the two cities. As a result, Istanbul’s main airport and Belgrade will boast 28 weekly services, in addition to four weekly rotations maintained by Pegasus Airlines from Sabiha Gocken Airport.


  1. Anonymous10:54

    Belgrade is without a doubt one of their most important Balkan destination.

    TK+codeshare partners flights in April 2022

    42 - ATH
    35 - OTP
    28 -BEG
    21 - SJJ
    21 - BUD
    21- SOF
    14- SKG

    1. Sarajevo is 34 weekly flights (21 IST-SJJ with TK, 10 SAW-SJJ with PC, 3 SAW-SJJ with Anadolujet)

    2. Anonymous11:53

      I am not counting total number of flights so PC is not included in any of the destinations above, not even BEG.
      It's just Turkish Airlines and its partners.

    3. Anonymous20:37

      SKP has 17 weekly flights to IST

  2. Anonymous12:00


  3. Anonymous12:46

    Seems JU got KVO/INI-IST in return for third daily TK flight.

    1. Anonymous13:16

      JU will profit greatly from this flight as connections are really good. Also TK announced these last summer but then decided against it, long before KVO and INI.

      I think ESB flights were the bargaining chip here.

  4. Anonymous13:35

    Market is booming, Pegasus is also sending A321 many days.

  5. Anonymous14:55

    Turkey is extremely cheap for visitors at the moment, inflation is sky-rocketing .

    1. Anonymous15:30

      Yes. Have you read the news about Odrin being literally invaded with Bulgarian and Greek visitors buying like crazy. Now is a good time to visit Turkey because of the weak lira.

    2. Anonymous16:56

      You mean Edirne?
      I read the reports of Bulgarians going there by busses .
      Btw..Sri Lanka will go bancrupt in the next weeks.
      They will have very good deals for tourists in summer i can guarantee you that!

    3. Anonymous19:55

      Yes, you can see the video here:


      Obviously bus companies are making profit but not sure if airlines will allow you to take so much luggage. It will be interesting to see what happens with Serbia-Turkey flights in that case.

    4. Anonymous20:37

      Well if you want to buy fashion items from Versace, Prada and all the other high fashion brands then Istanbul is the best place in the world to do so now (i dont mean the fake ones !).
      Actually most Gulf visitors only come for shopping to Istanbul and i guess that in Serbia and the other Balkan countries are enough people who can afford these stuff especially now when you can buy double as much for the same price.

    5. Anonymous01:27

      Yes, indeed and good point. Edirne is trying to persuade people not only to come and shop for the day but to also stay for a night or two. I think Serbs can also take advantage of the weak Turkish lira and combine tourism with shopping.

  6. Anonymous13:23

    THY will start TIV in S22,4pw.Growing demand from Turkish citizens & business (cargo demand)


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