Air Cairo schedules new EX-YU routes


Air Cairo has scheduled and put on sale the first of its new routes to the former Yugoslavia. The airline will introduce operations from the holiday resort town of Hurghada to Skopje, Banja Luka and Sarajevo in April. Services will initially run once per week, before increasing to two weekly in early June. The airline plans to maintain the flights on a year-round basis. Other new destinations in the region are pending government approval.

DestinationLaunch date
SkopjeAPR 27
Banja LukaAPR 29
SarajevoAPR 29
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  1. Anonymous10:33

    Ha! I knew their Belgrade flights are going to get banned

    1. Anonymous11:03

      Pending for the governmental approval does not mean the are banned, so let's not be negative immediately!

    2. Anonymous11:31

      That would be really bad but I believe the agreement was reached prior to first announcement

  2. Anonymous10:55

    BNX starts 29.04.

  3. Anonymous12:08

    Banja luka yes, Ljubljana no... Sad..

    1. Anonymous12:13

      Bravo LJU, Bravo Fraport! LOL!

    2. Anonymous12:31

      Lju has egyptair so no need. Or someone else for th but I remember that in 2021 their subsidies were flying here.

    3. Anonymous12:33

      They don't have egypt air. Fly egypt does charters (it is not a an Egypt Air subsiduary). Meanwhile SKP, BNX and SJJ are getting SCHEDULED YEAR ROUND flights by an Egypt Air subsiduary which also allows connecting flights.

    4. Anonymous14:43

      Are people going to transfer in HRG?

    5. Anonymous14:50

      They can if they want.

    6. Let's not forget which airport is the clear winner here : During Yugoslavia, JAT had scheduled weekly 727 to Cairo and scheduled twice weekly 737 to Algiers, from Zagreb. Later, Dubrovnik Airline operated scheduled weekly MD-80 to Tunis, and both Nouvelair and Tunis charters to various tunisian destinations. Also Croatia Airlines operated weekly charters to Marrakesh. Dubrovnik Airline had charters to Aqaba. ELAL scheduled and Croatia scheduled 3-5 weekly combined to Tel Aviv. And today, ZERO flights to zero closest, cheapest and most popular leisure destinations in the North Africa and the Near East, by zero airlines. Just worth mentioning : Egyptair is "partner" airline from the same "alliance". Bravo Hrvatska indeed! Your people now have choice to fly from Banja Luka to Egypt. Congratulations!

    7. I am really impressed how well connected exyu used to be. Even more looking from slovenian side. Was there really so much traffic on those exotic routes? Tourists or non-aligned movement thing?

    8. Anonymous23:06

      Pozdrav so what you're saying is that it's OU's fault that there are no flights from Croatia to cheap Egyptian resorts? Why didn't Air Cairo launch flights from Croatia too?

    9. "Non-aligned" scheduled services by JAT were the following :
      2 weekly BEG-Baghdad DC-10
      2 weekly BEG-Damascus-Kuwait B727
      1 weekly BEG-Beirut B737
      1 weekly BEG-Amman B727
      1 weekly BEG-Teheran B737
      5 weekly BEG-Dubai DC-10 (on to the Far East/Australia)
      3 weekly BEG-Cairo B727
      1 weekly ZAG-Cairo B727
      2 weekly BEG-Tripoli B727
      1 weekly BEG- Malta/Tunis DC-9
      1 weekly LJU-Malta/Tunis DC-9
      2 weekly BEG-ZAG-Algiers B737

      There were also JAT charter flights to Harare and Luanda, B707

      Adria had combination of scheduled and charter flights :

      1 weekly LJU-(tech stop)-Seychelles A320
      1 wekly LJU-BEG-Nicosia/Cyprus MD-80
      2 weekly LJU-Hurghada A320
      1 weekly LJU-Sharm el Sheikh A320
      1 weekly LJU-Tenerife A320

      Foreign "non-aligned" operators to ex-yu :

      Iraqi Airways, Baghad-BEG, 2 weekly, B747
      Alia Royal Jordanian, Amman-BEG (on to LHR), 1 weekly, L1015 Tristar
      Air China (CAAC) , Peking-Karachi-BEG (on to ZRH), 1 weekly, B767
      Kuwait Airways, Kuwait-(IST)-BEG, 1 weekly, B707
      Zambia Airways, Lusaka-Nairobi-(FCO)-BEG, 1 weekly, B707
      Libyan Arab Airlines, Tripoli-BEG, 2 weekly, B727
      Air Algerie, Algiers-BEG (on to BUH), 2 weekly B737

      Adria flights were almost completely leisure, except for Cyprus. JAT's Tunis was almost exclusively leisure. Cairo was mixture of leisure, business and transfer. Baghdad, Tripoli and Algiers mostly for yu construction companies working there. Others were mixed, with loooots of transfer passengers flying JAT all around Europe and the World.

      And we were like 10 times better connected with air services to the World during ex-yu times compared to today's corrupted banana republics.

      Thanks for your interest!

    10. The above comment was answer to @sloavio

      "promasio si ceo fudbal"

    11. Thank you for your detailed answer. But were there really so many tourists to sustain 2 weekly LJU-HRG? How expensive was to fly these "exotic" routes? I mean which part of the society flew to the Seychelles or to Egypt in the late 70´s or early 80´s?

    12. Anonymous01:13

      I was just asking what is the reason that there are no longer flights from Croatia to Egypt.

    13. Vast majority of people in Yugoslavia lived much better and had much better living standard during Yugo times compared to today. Not only Seychelles, people travelled to Thailand, India, Brazil, you name it. Aviogenex mostly operated one day or few days "shopping tours" (called at that time), known as city breaks today, to Rome, London, Paris.... Spain, Costa Brava, Italy, Greece, enormously visited, Adria had most of Greek charters, Aviogenex Spanish. And so on and so on. I am so angry when some exponents of foreign interests forge history placing Yugoslavia behind iron curtain and telling lies about one type of yoghurt as for example ex croatian president. Poor soul, she was so tortured in "communist regime" that she studied in the USA, with father having private butchery.

    14. 01.13
      The reason is Adeze which robbed, emptied and destroyed the country

    15. Anonymous01:21

      Good thing that's not the case in BNX or SKP

    16. Yes, that's not the case in BNX or SKP. People from Bosnia and Macedonia were migrating and immigrating to Croatia because Croatia was much more developed. Bosnia and Macedonia had much less to be robbed and ruined. And people in Bosnia and Macedonia live more or less the same, or bit worse than before, and in Croatia it is much much much worse

  4. Anonymous12:50

    Pending government approval...
    That sounds terrible, we all know how this will end.

    1. Anonymous13:29

      At the end of the day it they really get blocked in BEG, it means that JU will resume Cairo this summer.

  5. Anonymous14:36

    These are chartered flights for Balkan holidaymakers so I don't think they will struggle to get any approval

    1. Anonymous14:42

      They are not charter flights. How many times does it have to be said? These are scheduled year round flights with tickets available for purchase online.

    2. Anonymous13:42

      Most of the seats are sold via package tours that's what I wanted to say

  6. Anonymous16:12

    LJU has FEG or Sky Egypt charter airline


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