Air Montenegro CEO resigns


The CEO of Air Montenegro, Predrag Todorović, has resigned from his post citing personal reasons. Mr Todorović ran the airline from its foundation in February 2021 and oversaw its launch in June that same year. The carrier currently boasts a fleet of two aircraft and has announced the introduction of five new routes for the coming summer season. It is also soon expected to become a member of IATA, which will open a range of new opportunities for the company. No replacement has been announced so far for Mr Todorović.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    What happened?

    1. Anonymous10:57

      A lot of expectations and zero people or money to work with most probably; it's the same old story

  2. Probably having a beach bar in Budva will bring him more money and success.

  3. notLufthansa13:43

    he disliked the new design...


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