Air Montenegro paints first aircraft


Air Montenegro has applied its corporate livery to its first aircraft, eight months after launching operations. A livery has been painted onto its Embraer E195 jet (registered 4O-AOA) during maintenance work in Portugal. The aircraft has been out of service for just under a month and is yet to return to Podgorica. Air Montenegro has been operating an all-white fleet since June of last year, with the delay in applying the livery resulting from a lawsuit filed by Montenegro Airlines in bankruptcy for the alleged unlawful use of its corporate logo.


  1. Anonymous10:58

    I wonder if they kept that awful box with Air Montenegro sign on the livery

    1. Anonymous12:14

      Yes :/

    2. Anonymous15:22

      I love their new livery.
      Gives me the Egypt Air vibes.

  2. Anonymous11:55

    Montenegro keeps winning!

    1. Anonymous13:19

      Yeah right .... 2 entities owned by the same Govt launching legal action against the other .... only in Montenegro

    2. Anonymous15:36

      Just incredible ... you can't dream this stuff up ! Like the earlier comment - "Only in Montenegro !"


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