Air Montenegro to add two more routes


Air Montenegro will introduce an additional two new routes in its network this coming summer season, in addition to the three announced earlier this week. The Montenegrin carrier will commence a three weekly service between Podgorica and Zurich this April, while two weekly rotations will be introduced between Tivat and Prague starting this June. Air Montenegro will compete directly against Chair Airlines on the Zurich service, while it will be the sole operator to the Czech capital. Ticket sales are expected to begin later today.

DestinationLaunch date
ZurichAPR 08
ParisAPR 09
LyonAPR 09
NantesMAY 07
PragueJUN 14
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Air Montenegro 2022 summer expansion


  1. Anonymous11:08

    Well done! So 5 new routes from Air Montenegro next summer

  2. Anonymous12:34

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  3. Anonymous12:39

    Unbelievable achievements! Very good, MNE!!

  4. Too bad Air Montenegro and Air Serbia don't have BCG to "consult" them - they could have had strategic achievements now, and really huge, like selling sandwiches, instead doing stupid small things like conquering new markets and extending network, maybe even earning something more...

    1. Anonymous14:12

      PiR great comment! don't take it too personal, better buy popcorn sit down and watch the OU show; don't let them ruin your heath!

    2. Hey mate, nothing taken personally, if I comment on them, doesn't mean it affects me - I 'm just disappointed. And thanks, really, for you caring of my health, but no need and worries buddy, it's absolutely perfect ☺

    3. Gentleman18:39

      Montenegro national carrier had quite obscure and crooked managers in the past so they're lucky to be in business at all.

  5. Anonymous18:51

    Maybe they should add a livery to their plane(s) first :)

  6. Anonymous21:27

    Pala vlada, sad ce opet biti Montenegro Airlines. Ili oba Air Montenegro i Montenegro Airlines.


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