Mostar Airport to restore charter flights


Mostar Airport is set to see the resumption of wide-scale charter operations, which formed the bulk of its traffic prior to the coronavirus pandemic. City authorities will sign a contract with a Polish charter carrier to maintain regular charter operations to the city, which relies on religious pilgrims as one of its main sources of tourism income. “At the end of this week, our delegation will travel to Poland to sign a contract with a charter company that will maintain regular flights to Mostar. This is religious tourism, which is very important to us because of Medjugorje”, the Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić, told the “Sarajevo Times”. As recently reported, Mostar Airport is in talks with several airlines over the introduction of scheduled passenger flights.


  1. Anonymous16:51

    Finally. Good to see Mostar recovering.

  2. They are going after LJU :D

    1. Anonymous18:53

      That won't take too much effort

    2. Anonymous19:02

      I predict LJU will fall to around 16-17th place in ex-yu by the 2030. Then OMO and LJU will fight for who will be ahead :)

    3. that is still decent. Once we gonna be aligned with BWK, then we should worry.


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