Ryanair to launch new Zadar service


Ryanair has scheduled its twelfth new seasonal route out of Zadar for a total of 46 this summer, with the airline to inaugurate flights from Leeds Bradford Airport. Services will commence on May 3 and operate twice per week, each Tuesday and Saturday. Zadar Airport anticipates a record year in 2022. “If the summer season begins without any major problems, this year we can expect more passengers and better financial results. Our estimate is that we will handle more travellers in 2022 than in 2019 when we had 801.347 passengers. We will see by how much”, the airport’s General Manager, Josip Klišmanić, said. Further flight details for the new Leeds Bradford service can be found here,


  1. Anonymous14:44

    In the meanwhile its a total of 46 routes now

    1. Anonymous22:22

      Kaže se samo meanwhile, a ne in the meanwhile.

    2. Anonymous14:03

      neither the one nor the other is wrong; so leave it up to everyone to decide

    3. Anonymous21:49

      No, it is very simple, it is wrong for one to say in the meanwile. It is either meanwhile, or in the meantime. This is not to be left to anyone to decide, simple sintax and grammar.


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