Sarajevo and Skopje seek air service


The Minister for Communications and Traffic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vojin Mitrović, has met with the Macedonian Ambassador to the country, Ekrem Ebibi, to discuss the introduction of flights between Sarajevo and Skopje. Both sides said their respective countries stand ready to subsidise the flights in order to make the route sustainable. Mr Mitrović said talks will now take place with interested carriers. Wizz Air boasts bases in both Sarajevo and Skopje. Based on OAG data, during pre-pandemic 2019, just over 4.000 passengers flew indirectly between Sarajevo and Skopje on a single itinerary. Bosnia and Herzegovina's former flag carrier, B&H Airlines, maintained flights between the two cities on an off-and-on basis for several years between 2006 and 2015. At one point, services operated via Podgorica as well, although the airline had no fifth freedom rights between the Montenegrin capital and Skopje.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Would be good to see more regional connections available at least during the summer season.
    Potential routes:
    SKP (or OHD)-SJJ

  2. Anonymous11:50

    Perfect route for Wizz A321neo

  3. Emir Dervisevic12:28

    BH Airlines je obavljao letove na spomenutoj liniji samo dvije sezone i to u periodu dok Turkish nije uspostavio letove izmedju IST-TGD v.v. To je bila odlicna linija i zahvaljujuci OKI Airu dobiven je najveci stepen prevozne slobode izmedju TGD i SKP sto je bio veliki uspjeh. Takodje su i putnici iz TGD imali online konekciju za IST via SJJ. Mislim da su to bili PRVI tranzitni putnici ikada na SJJ AP. Vec iducu godinu je Montenegro osporio dozvolu i poceo letjeti sa F100 sto je bilo katastrofalno, ne znam jesu li i zavrsili tu sezonu. U medjuvremenu je TK otvorio Podgoricu i nije imalo smisla letjeti SJJ-TGD v.v. a Cisco SJJ-SKP v.v. je bilo neisplativo cak i na ATR72. Hvala.

  4. Anonymous14:39

    Could Air Serbia run a W route from BEG to SJJ & SKP using ATR?

    1. Anonymous18:24

      Or maybe BEG-SJJ-SKP-BEG.

      And a BEG-SKP-SJJ-BEG.

  5. Anonymous14:57

    At the moment its quite expensive to go from SJJ to SKP by plane and transfer times are long. TK airlines offers the best and cheapest connections from SJJ to SKP which should be actually JU and OU, so I guess thats why not many people chose to travel by plane.

  6. Anonymous15:46

    Seems like a perfect route for the ATR and too short for the 321

  7. No such problems during Yugo times. 4 weekly DC-9, year-round, LJU-SJJ-SKP, 2 weekly ZAG-TGD-SKP. A ovo sada, trazili ste, gledajte

    1. Anonymous18:39

      Different times ... long passed. But thanks for the retro info.


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