TAV’s Havas acquires Zagreb Airport handling


TAV Airports’ subsidiary Havas has acquired Zagreb Airport’s ground handling services, becoming the Turkish company’s 31st operating airport. Havas will provide passenger, ramp, representation and supervision, flight operation, load control, communication, cargo and mail services at Zagreb Airport. “As a member of the Turquality program, we take the opportunities to achieve growth abroad with the know-how we have gained in Turkey. Approximately thirty airlines fly regularly to Zagreb Airport, which has become a significant tourist destination in the Adriatic. We will carry out all processes as the sole ground handling service provider at the airport, which also has cargo and general aviation traffic. We will increase the efficiency of our operations, sustain our investments in ground handling services and continue to be the preferred business partner for airlines”, Havas’ General Manager, Mete Erna, said. Zagreb Airport’s ground handling unit has approximately 500 employees and 176 motorised vehicles. TAV is part of the consortium in charge of managing Zagreb Airport through a concession running until 2042.


  1. Anonymous13:17

    TAV fully taking over.

  2. Anonymous13:18

    Isn't there an EU rule that there has to be at least 2 ground handling providers at EU airports of a certain size?

    1. Anonymous17:21

      I am not shure, but I think that's wrong,
      In Fra and all the bigger airports there's enough traffic for all and diffrent airlines have diffrent partners (like dbx and lhr have dnata, emirates will most likely take dnata)

      But in ZAG I am shure there's no need for 2 operators, as it costs to much unless croatia would have it's own and for other airlines there would be someone else.

    2. Leave ZAG alone, just imagine 2 GH providers at RJK or OSI 😃

    3. Anonymous00:53

      Yes, there is a an EU directive that requires 2 handlers in airports over 2m and Zagreb does have 2. It protects airlines from getting ripped off by monopoly providers of ground handling services.

    4. Anonymous01:10

      Council Directive 96/67/EC says:
      "Member States shall take the necessary measures in accordance with the arrangements laid down in Article 1 to ensure free access by suppliers of groundhandling services to the market for the provision of groundhandling services to third parties."
      That doesn't mean you are required to have 2 handlers but you must ensure free access to more than one handler.


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