Turkish Airlines to deploy A330 to Ljubljana


Turkish Airlines will utilise its wide-body Airbus A330-300 aircraft between Istanbul and Ljubljana on March 16, representing a notable capacity upgrade on the initially scheduled A320. The 289-seat jet features 28 seats in business class and the remaining 261 in economy. The aircraft is being used due to increased cargo demand and could become a more common sight in the Slovenian capital in the coming period. It will mark the first time Turkish Airlines has deployed a wide-body jet on its Ljubljana service for some time.

Turkish Airlines A330-300 business class

Turkish Airlines A330-300 economy class


  1. Anonymous13:54

    At least some good news for LJU! This only shows that TK are probably competing with FZ who are already taking a bigger slice of the market share cake.

    1. Anonymous14:02

      I would rather have more airlines, routes than one a330 flight because of cargo..

    2. Anonymous16:49

      I think Lju and our country should decide now what we realy want.

      On one side there's little to no chance we will get a based carrier and pax nummbers won't be back to normal for some 10 years

      But on the other hand cargo is rising very much so they should decide if we become a Leipzig of Balkan or stay Lju like now.

      But this would mean they would need totaly new platform and cargo terminal not like now where everything is mixed somehow...

    3. Anonymous19:46

      Turn the new terminal into cargo one. Its empty anyways.

  2. Anonymous16:26

    Great news!

  3. Anonymous22:27

    Any chanche of the same thing happening in Zagreb in the near future?

    1. TK has been sending 330 to ZAG several times. I think it's been reported here as well. Also I flew 321 last summer ZAG to IST, completely full. ZAG has no issues with other carriers, not even during "plandemic". It's only OU that flies with 50 % LF and huge losses.


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