Ukraine International moves two jets to Belgrade


Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has disclosed problems in securing insurance for some of its aircraft due to the ongoing threat of conflict with Russia, forcing the airline to send some of its jets outside of the country, two of which have arrived at Belgrade Airport. “Due to the foreign policy situation, Ukraine International Airlines has received an official notification from insurance companies to terminate the insurance of aircraft for flights in Ukrainian airspace. In that regard, UIA, at the request of lessors, has sent five Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Spain while retaining other aircraft in the company’s fleet. In addition, two of the airline’s aircraft have been sent to Belgrade where they will also undergo engine maintenance”, the company said in a statement. It added, “UIA is making efforts and is constantly negotiating with insurance companies, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, as well as the state aviation administration and hopes for mutual understanding”. The two Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which are now at Belgrade Airport, are registered UR-PSM and UR-PSZ. Both are twelve years old.


  1. Anonymous14:44

    Did Jat Tehnika got the EASA certificate back?

    1. Anonymous14:45

      No but it does not need an EASA certificate to work on Boeing aircraft.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. They require EASA certificate to work on any aircraft that is in European registry. There is no difference if its Airbus, Embraer or Boeing.

    4. Anonymous20:58

      PS- is not in European registry.

    5. It's actually UR-registration (Ukraine), not PS-.
      And Ukraine is part of Panep, so I think that UR registered aircrafts need to maintenance in EASA aproved facilities.

    6. Anonymous18:08

      So why are they doing it there?

      Smart a$$~

    7. Read again, they will do engine maintenance only. Btw it doesn't mention that Jat Tehnika will do any maintenance, "smart a$$" boy. They can bring their own maintenance team or hire anyone to perform that maintenance for them. Especially if they are doing just boroscope inspection.

  2. I have a question!
    Air Serbia offers base maintenance? Or only line maintenance?


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