Wizz Air delays Ljubljana return


Low cost carrier Wizz Air has postponed the resumption of its operations to Ljubljana. The airline will not restore its flights between Charleroi and the Slovenian capital on March 11 as initially planned but will instead restart the route on March 27. Wizz Air will suspend flights between London Luton and Ljubljana this Friday, with services set to resume on March 29. Further changes remain possible. Operations between Ljubljana and Belgium will resume on February 28 when Brussels Airlines reinstates its flights, while flights from London will continue to be maintained by easyJet. This January, Ljubljana Airport was at 64.9% of seat capacity compared to the pre-pandemic January of 2020.


  1. Anonymous13:41

    And what is the difference between this January and January 2019? Probably like 90%.

  2. Anonymous16:36

    What a surprise. I wouldn't be surprised of a further delay.

  3. Anonymous18:17

    Uk is decreasing corona rules, and as we are about a month late with omicron i expect after that more airlines will increase frequencyes and slowly resume routes they haven't yet

  4. Anonymous20:59

    Tbh, Wizzair are delaying flights like crazy. If only you knew what the situation is with the Romanian LCC Blue Air. Huge number of cancellations.......they even received a very harsh critic trip report by the famous Noel Philips:


    Covid has hitten the airlines badly........

  5. Anonymous23:50

    Fortunately, EasyJet will increase frequency to LGW from Feb 11 to 4 weekly.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX11:12

    Say thank you to super corrupt Jansa, who is responsible for the strong Covid restrictions in Slovenia and killing the travel economy

    1. Anonymous12:34

      Well yesterday there ere 23k people effected and it migjt still go up. But I think and hope it will be normal by the end of this month.

    2. Anonymous13:08

      Strong covid restrictions? I don't like Jansa at all but I don't think we have more strict entry restrictions as other EU countries.
      But we could agree to blame government for doing nothing to improve air connectivity in Slovenia. In first hand they should establish national carrier.

    3. Anonymous15:10

      1000+ @13.08


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