Aegean delays new Dubrovnik service


Greek carrier Aegean Airlines has delayed the introduction of flights between Thessaloniki and Dubrovnik by a month. The carrier will now inaugurate services between the two cities on July 3 instead of the initially planned June 1, with operations to be maintained three times per week with the ATR72 aircraft until the end of the summer season, although two of the three weekly rotations will be concluded by the end of September. The remainder of Aegean’s Croatia network remains unchanged. As previously reported, the carrier will restore operations from Athens to Dubrovnik on May 17, and from the Greek capital to Zagreb on June 15. Aegean has not scheduled any flights to Split this year, which were maintained up until the Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    If they couldn't fill these flights in June on the ATR then I don't see this working out. I looked at fares for ATH-ZAG and they are all the lowest. I can't imagine bookings are strong.

  2. Anonymous11:12

    They delay SKG-DBV flights but they have ATH-DBV flights available until January 2022. They're planning to maintain ATH-DBV year-round? Is this route that beneficial for them and why they don't invest on ATH-ZAG more?

    1. Anonymous11:19

      I think ATH-ZAG took a hit when Ryanair introduced ZAG-SKG and Aegean lost a lot of transfers. ZAG-ATH was never a particularly large market and thanks to FR it got smaller.

    2. 40-50 years ago, JAT operated daily year round DBV-ATH on B727

    3. Anonymous18:42

      @pozdrav iz Rijeke In winter 1983, it was once a week with a DC9.

    4. The flight DBV-ATH was year round flight. In summer season it was daily on B727, for long years. I agree it's possible it was less during winter, it's logical. Sorry for not being precise enough.

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