Air Montenegro issues public call for new CEO

Air Montenegro has called on interested candidates to apply for the position of the company’s CEO after its current head, Predrag Todorović, resigned last month and is set to depart from the role.

Requirements include:

· at least VII 1 level of education qualifications
· at least five years of work experience in a managerial position, of which at least three within the company’s executive management (Chief Executive Officer or one managerial level below the Chief Executive Officer) or in the position of a head of an administrative body or senior management staff in public administration
· knowledge of English

An advantage will be given to those candidates with experience in the field of air transport or economics. Foreigners are allowed to apply for the position as well.

Along with the application, candidates must submit their education diploma or a photocopy certified by the competent authority, proof of work experience (certificate or some other proof), photocopy of an ID card or passport, certificate from the competent court that no criminal proceedings are being carried out against the candidate and a short presentation of the company's future development strategy.

The application should contain the candidate’s name and surname, address, CV, contact number and e-mail address. Candidates are required to submit their complete documentation to the address: Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona 98, The Capital Plaza, Diplomatska kula, sprat 4, 81000 Podgorica, with the title: "Application for a Public Competition for the selection of the Chief Executive Officer".

The application deadline has been set for fifteen days from today.


  1. Anonymous11:55

    Can you send the application with a homing pigeon?

    1. Anonymous13:36

      Not via fax either...

  2. Anonymous15:25

    Online aviation experts, here is your chance to prove yourselves! By the way, does anyone know why that street is called George Washington Boulevard?

    1. Anonymous20:12

      My CV: armchair aviation CEO. Moderate online experience.
      Short presentation of the company's future development strategy: permanently close both Montenegro Airlines and Air Montenegro.

      Bet you a million bucks no one can come up with more reasonable and less costly proposal. Every other proposal will just bleed more money from the company, one way or another.


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