Air Serbia and Turkish Airlines cement cooperation agreement


Air Serbia and Turkish Airlines have expanded their wide-ranging codeshare agreement with the airline’s two CEOs, Jiri Marek and Bilal Eksi, signing off on the deal in Istanbul. Under the expanded agreement, Air Serbia will place its flight numbers and designator code on AnadoluJet’s service between Ankara and Belgrade. On the other, Turkish Airlines will do the same on its Serbian counterpart’s services from Istanbul to both Niš and Kraljevo. Mr Eksi noted, “As Turkish Airlines, we are glad to expand our existing cooperation through this enhanced codeshare agreement with Air Serbia. With the introduction of new codeshare flights on several destinations in Serbia, Turkey and the Balkans, passengers have started to benefit from an effective opportunity to enjoy more travel alternatives. We hope to provide further travel prospects for our customers with the enhanced bilateral rights in the forthcoming period”. Mr Marek added, “Improving our commercial cooperation with Turkish Airlines began in mid-2020, just a few months after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which completely changed air traffic. Despite the fact that we had to meet remotely, we managed to agree an extremely successful cooperation on flights between our hubs, which quickly expanded to additional points. It is a great honour for me that we can now sign the additional expansion of codeshare cooperation between the two companies in a direct way, by the meeting of the two CEOs and thus formalise even better cooperation in the months and years to come, hopefully with the weakening of the pandemic and global recovery of air traffic”.

Turkish Airlines currently codeshares on Air Serbia’s flights from Belgrade to Istanbul and Banja Luka, while the Serbian carrier codeshares on its counterpart’s flights from Istanbul to Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Antalya, Dalaman, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Konya, Trabzon, Gazipaşa, Bodrum, Odessa, Kiev, Amman, Cairo and Tel Aviv.


  1. Anonymous13:47

    Која је сврха ових код шер договора кад су цене на тим појединим летовима ненормално високе!?

    1. Anonymous14:24

      Проблем је ЈУ који нуди нереално високе тарифе за кодшер партнере. Погледајте само колико кошта да летите било где са Ер Франсом или КЛМом преко њиховог сајта. У просеку карте нису испод 400 евра без кофера.

      Вероватно нико и не прати ту продају па и нема везе.

    2. Anonymous14:25

      They'll get cheaper over the time

    3. Anonymous14:50

      Неће, такви су већ годинама.

    4. Anonymous20:30

      Inace dama koja radi u alijansama misli da se FCO zove ,,Flumicino'' ja je licno cuo. Toliko o tome.

    5. Anonymous22:35

      Jako vazna informacija. Sta je cilj, da mislimo kako u Air Serbia rade neobrazovani ljudi, za razliku od tebe? Probaj ti da pravilno izgovoris imena ovih aerodroma da vidimo kakav si genije: YVM, OCM, KOK.

  2. Nikome ne smetaju te cene pošto Jr mesta na Tim letovima teško pronaći.

    1. Anonymous14:25

      ЈУ није баш најбоље пословала на Истанбулу од средине јануара до почетка марта. У неким периодима су чак смањили на 5 недељних док је Пегаз редовно слао А321нео а ТК чак и А330.

    2. Anonymous15:03

      Kako misliš da se JU takmiči sa TK na toj liniji?

    3. JATBEGMEL00:28


      JU could start by not selling Economy Light fares for more than TK Economy fares which include luggage. Have the Economy Comfort fare include a meal.

      Allow multicity options in a single booking ie: IST-INI BEG-IST. At the moment it's just decoration on their page.

      Perhaps work better with tourist agencies, student organizations and local companies with competitive deals and contracts. Tourism and business between the 2 countries is huge.

      Midnight rotations would be great for better connections both in BEG and IST.

      JU806 BEG IST 0030 0510
      JU807 IST BEG 0550 0530


      Absolutely nothing is wrong. TK will fly 3 x daily while JU barely has a daily flight.


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