Belgrade Airport sees improved February results


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has seen its passenger performance improve this February by handling 209.000 passengers. Although the figure is two times that of last year, it is still 41% below its record in 2020 and 34% below 2019 levels. During the first two months of the year, Belgrade Airport welcomed almost 450.000 travellers through its doors.


  1. Anonymous13:17

    Impressive that it's less than 40.000 fewer passengers than in January.

  2. Anonymous13:18

    March will be over 400.000

  3. Anonymous14:14

    February wasn't good comparing to European average, specially to non-EU markets. Both companies with bases at BEG underperformed. Luckily, Air Serbia will see resumption of routes in March and transfer passengers from SVO flights will improve BEG numbers although there will be serious gap in passengers from Russian market. Furthermore, Wizz is struggling across the continent, and with this war and sanctions impacting the bookings, I am not that optimistic for the following months. Hope JU's expansion works out fine, that's crucial moment for BEG this year.

  4. Anonymous16:28

    So basically ZAG, PRN and BEG are now almost on the same level, no?

    1. Anonymous16:53

      Not really. It had 100,000 more passengers than PRN and 160,000 passengers more than Zagreb.


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