Croatia Airlines rolls out Fly & Sail concept


Croatia Airlines has teamed up with Ban Tours to offer all its passengers a 15% discount on renting a sailing yacht in the country. The carrier said the agreement will “help improve Croatia’s tourist offer and make Croatia an even more attractive destination for many tourists”. After booking a ticket with Croatia Airlines, passengers will receive a booking confirmation in which they will see a Fly & Sail button. Once accessed, travellers will receive promo code for a 15% discount on renting a sailing yacht.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    That will save them.

  2. Anonymous11:28

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Ironicno to pises?

    2. Prepelica17:48

      Ma jok. They are popping champagnes in Buzin.

    3. Anonymous18:29

      Lets make it pop, mazel tov!

  3. Anonymous11:41

    Great, now you can order both sandwich and yacht

  4. Anonymous12:11

    Ryanair is in big trouble now, I'm sure this was unexpected and will hurt. Thanks BCG, how can you be so creative and solution-oriented, unbelievable! ;)

  5. Anonymous14:56

    "Croatia Airlines has teamed up with Ban Tours to offer..."

    Croatia Airlines teamed up with Ban Tours a long, long time ago. And lucrative it was I assure you.


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