Croatia Airlines to resume Osijek international flights


Croatia Airlines will restore operations between Osijek and Munich which it suspended after a two-month trial basis in January. The carrier plans to resume flights between the two cities on May 2 with two weekly rotations, each Monday and Friday. Services will be maintained by the Dash 8 turboprop aircraft. “Continuing on from the exceptional cooperation with the Osijek - Baranja County, the tourist boards and Osijek Airport, we have reached a new agreement to maintain year-round flights that will ensure connectivity from Osijek to the German market throughout the year. This service will contribute to the development of tourism and the economy of the Osijek - Baranja County, as well as Osijek Airport”, the CEO of Croatia Airlines, Jasmin Bajić, said.


  1. Anonymous14:07

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:13

    Smelling some fat Baranja county subsidy...

    1. Anonymous05:18

      Of course, with a loss of €38 million they can't afford such adventures on their own.

  3. Anonymous15:01

    Nice one! Finally something happening in OSI. Was on two flights ts winter, load-factor on both was easy more tan 70%


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