Eurowings shelves planned new Pristina service


Eurowings has cancelled plans to introduce flights between Pristina and Stockholm. Tickets for the service, which was to commence on April 2 and run once per week, were originally put on sale last September. The budget carrier still plans to go ahead with the launch of its new service between Pristina and Brussels on March 29.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    Shame, I was hoping for something a bit different at PRN. Rising oil prices are not helping them :(

  2. Anonymous14:20

    EW cancelling or postponing new routes? Lol, what a surprise.
    This airline cannot be taken seriously. I really don't know how they make money compared to FR, U2 or W6 and even Volotea who are currently growing like crazy.

    1. Anonymous16:46

      Well if sales for this route were going well they wouldn't be cutting it.

  3. I don't know if these two are related, however Eurowings (EW) is launching PRN-NUE (Nurenberg) at the beginning of April twice weekly. So, instead of a weekly PRN-ARN, EW is launching twice weekly route (unclear to me whether it's with PRN-based aircraft or not, while ARN-PRN should have been operated with ARN-based aircraft).

    Interestingly, GP Aviation is also launching PRN-NUE a week or so earlier. GP Aviation wet leases aircraft from both ETF Airways and Trade Air, so one of these should operate the route.

    And as far as ARN-PRN route is concerned, Norwegian should serve it during the high summer season as they have done for a decade or so.

    P.S. Admin, 90% of my messages are never published. I have tried several browsers, devices, VPN on/off, and still I am unable to work out how to make it work. Do you have any instructions for us?


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