PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport construction update


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport’s biggest expansion project in history is progressing with key facilities expected to open next month. The airport is undertaking Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) exercises to support the successful opening of the first phase of the expanded C concourse building, as well as centralised security. Centralised security is expected to be operational from mid-April and has involved the procurement of new security and screening technology. Simultaneously, in order to allow the terminal to be expanded, the full reconfiguration of the access plateau is taking place. This project will allow faster access and more efficient traffic flow, as well as increased short-term parking capacity. Construction of the airport’s third floor - a wide corridor being built on top of the existing terminal buildings in order to segregate arriving and departing passengers - is advancing. The floor is currently completed above gates A1 - A4, C1 - C2, while gates C3 and C4 have now been closed in order for work to take place. Work on the 3.500-metre-long inserted runway, new de-icing platform, control tower, helicopter terminal, new taxiways are also ongoing.

Centralised security

Access plateau

Terminal expansion

Control tower

De-icing platform


  1. Anonymous11:13

    Yay for centralized screening!

  2. Anonymous11:14

    Much needed expansion

  3. Anonymous12:39

    I am excited to plan next trip to Belgrade following the opening.
    What some would say, Bravo BEG!

  4. On the way to Sydney in Moday 14 03, I was lucky enough to weuing costrution aside of new facility of Terminal Two. So promising and excyding future new experience at Belgrade Airport.
    New Airport to all generation. Wel dog in VINCI & Associate Partners.
    Rodney. 😀✈🌐🛫🇷🇸🛫🇫🇷✈

    1. Well done VINCI & Associate Partners... 😀🛫

    2. Hey Rodney, somehow you are on the way to SYD every months. xD

    3. Postovani sarajevo_sg 12:19,
      Nisam siguran da sam na letu za Sydney svaki mesec. Ipak sam uspeo da za 52 godine od prvog leta letim do sada povratno 87 puta.
      Nisam mozda dovoljno leteo kao Vi sarajevo_sg
      Skromno nastavicu da se trudim.
      Ako ste negde ovde oko Parramatta predgradja
      Mozemo na pice. Naravno o mojem trosku.
      Pozdrav iz grada ispod Juznog Krsta, suncanog
      Rodney. 😀✈🌐🛫🇦🇺♥️🇷🇸✈

    4. Anonymous00:00

      Bitno je da ste sa grada ispod južnog krsta.

    5. Anonymous20:25

      Sucha cocky comment i cant even...


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